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Drawn In: Dream

June 4, 2023

Worship Series Archive

Butterfly with green background


April 9 - May 28

Butterflies are a long-standing symbol of resurrection. This series starts with the caterpillar and chrysalis — the beginning of the journey of transformation — and affirms the darkness as good for birthing new things. The theme moves slowly over the weeks, allowing us to think in incremental steps about what we can learn spiritually from the process of the butterfly forming, cracking its chrysalis, pushing outward, hanging to let wings dry, letting go, and finally daring to fly. Along the way, various stories of faith help us see how God’s people have always been dealing with transformation and issues of fear, trust, and letting go. We’re all human, after all, and transformation is inevitable. May this series point us toward the assurance that we are never alone in this journey

Holy Vessels

Feb 22, 2023 - April 6, 2023

Each of us is created a precious and holy vessel of embodied love; sometimes we become shattered. The healing narratives of Jesus tell of divine solidarity with human suffering and remind us that we can begin a journey toward making something beautiful from that which is seemingly broken.

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Jan 8, 2023 - Feb 19, 2023

The new year brings opportunities to move beyond our limitations to find new beginnings and be better than we were before.

Angles among us

Angels Among Us

Nov 27, 2022 - Jan 1, 2023


Sacred Earth

Oct 16, 2022 - Nov 20, 2022

Drawn in

Drawn in

June 4 - July 9

God created the heavens and the earth... and called it all good! - Genesis

We spend too much time being “driven” rather than “drawn in.” We focus on what we “should” do rather than what we feel excited and compelled to do in our lives, in this world. During this series, we will connect with our inherent creativity and nurture this foundational aspect of being human, giving us renewed energy for passionate work, delightful play, and creative problem solving to make this world a better place for all.

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