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Holy Vessels


Healed and Still Healing

April 9, 2023

Mathew 10:1-8

rocky beach

Holy, Wholly

April 2, 2023

Matthew 9:1-8

Beach at sunset


March 26, 2023

Matthew 8:18-27

(Restoring Environmental Health)

Glass in the light


March 12, 2023

Matthew 9:27-33

holding beach glass

Safe Keeping

March 5, 2023

Matthew 8:5-13

God gathers us as a Beachcomber gathers and marvels at every precious surviving piece of beach glass she finds. We are never alone, we are never lost to the One who seeks humanity’s wholeness. We affirm our commitment to be the Body of Christ that knows we cannot be personally healed until we see the interconnected community as part of the process of healing. Jesus has the power to re-vision the family of God in which false boundaries are overcome. In the years of devastating loss of livelihood, we consider the economic health that re-imagines status quo.

Beach glass


February 26, 2023

Matthew 8:1-4, 16-17

Broken glass


February 22, 2023

Matthew 11:28-30

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