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Our Pastor

A pastoral leader and fellow disciple

With a heart for God and for people young and not-so-young, Pastor Shirley urges us to live our faith in the quiet moments, the big celebrations, the familiar spaces, and public places.
She delights in discovering new things about people, places, cultures, and cooking, and especially new ways to live into who God has created us to be in Christ.
She often encourages us to invite someone to church, to speak of our faith as we go to work or do our errands, and to be always looking for the next thing we could be doing to be more like Jesus here in Port Orchard.
Shirley was born and raised in Western New York State, graduated from Syracuse University, and later graduated from Methodist Theological School in Ohio. She specialized in Youth Ministry for 17 years, and for more than 24 years has promoted Christian education and spiritual formation for all ages. While learning and growing in the faith often uses books and scriptures, Pastor Shirley encourages storytelling, crafting, cooking, fellowshipping, going places and more to facilitate personal growth while also experiencing the joy of God’s magnificent world.
Whatever we do, Pastor Shirley is clear that standing still or doing what we have always done may not be the best course for our faith, our church, or our faithfulness to God’s calling on our lives. While resting in the peace and comfort of our savior is terrific and a significant blessing, so is following God’s lead in making all things new. Therefore, we must also ask question of our selves and our ministries, see what new answers or new ways are needed, and follow Jesus into the future.
Shirley’s late husband Lane was a significant partner in her ministry whose loss is felt not only by their family, but also by the church family. Their grandchildren often provide the illustrations for sermons. Their sons and their wives actively witness to their faith in the choices they make and the way they live their lives. When the families visit Port Orchard, the children feel as welcome at POUMC as they do in the church they attend at home. POUMC takes seriously their task to love and welcome the children.


Reverend Shirley DeLarme

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