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Administrative Ministries

Empowering ministries through business expertise
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Church Council

Church Council determines the direction of church ministries, determined by congregation and local community needs, aligning those ministries with both our local church mission and the United Methodist mission.

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Finance Committee carefully manages the financial assets of the church. Monies are invested or spent wisely as both givers and church leaders have recommended, thus enabling ministries to be frugally funded and generously experienced.

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Nominations Committee matches the gifts and graces of members/participants to the ministry needs of the congregation, helping each person find the place where they can serve according to both interests and talents.

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Staff Parish Relations Comittee

Staff Parish Relations Committee is the personnel committee of the church, supporting paid staff and the ministries they serve to facilitate the work of the church

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Trustees provide the physical space for church ministries to occur. They ensure the facilities are inviting, safe, and accessible to all, always looking to be good stewards of the building, the environment, and future ministry needs.

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